Hard Disk May Be Failing - Restore Questions

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by breckjensen • 159 Posts

I have a Dell desktop with 2-internal Seagate drives. The drives are identical in model number and size. One drive contains the Windows 10 operating system. The other drive contains a few old files which are unimportant. When I boot the computer, I am receiving a message that I should insure I have backups as some parameter is not being met and the drive may be failing (not the exact words but close enough). I'm assuming that this is referring to the drive with the OS installed.

I have Macrium Reflect version 7 installed on the OS drive and several current images of the disk stored on an external USB HD. I have a bootable rescue USB stick created with Reflect version 7 and am able to use it to boot into the rescue environment.

If I replace the failing drive with a new Seagate drive with same model number and size, is it simply a matter of booting the computer from the rescue disk and restoring a current image to the new drive?

Alternatively, can I simply restore an image to the other internal drive and use it as the boot device?

Please help....

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