Computer unable to turn on sometimes

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I have been looking for a problem similar to mine, but everything I found was not my case. When I try to turn on my computer it does not respond. The only thing it does is that the green light under my power button flashes for half a second. After the flash, I can press the button as many times I want, the computer does absolutely nothing (not even the light blinks). The network cable connector light is working normally and to return to the state when the green light flashes, I have to reconnect the cable to power supply. The strange thing, however, is that after a few attempts (yesterday, I could not turn the computer on at all, so it is not that easy - I had to reconnect the cable every attempt), the PC turns on and works properly. It does not turn off randomly, nothing seems wrong. I can even hibernate it, it turns on without any difficulty.

I thought it could be the switch, since the only problem is to start, but I use the button when I'm "waking" the computer from hibernation. I also thought about the PSU, but why does it work so fluently when it is on? I hope it has nothing to do with the motherboard

Please help....

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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